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Freedom in one

Streamline Your Business with Hassle-Free Dropshipping Solutions


With dropshipping apps, products ship directly from the supplier to your customer, and you only pay for what you sell. No upfront inventory costs, no hassles with fulfillment.

Grow your business by selling to customers all over the world. We are offering worldwide warehousing and fulfillment.

Dropshipping is when you sell products to customers but use a third party to hold your inventory and ship your orders. Dropshipping business owners focus on the branding, marketing, and customer management part of their business while a third party handles their logistics for them.

Customer orders online and paid Seller receives order and money Customer receives an order confirmation. Seller forwards the order to dropshipper. Dropshipper ships the order. Customer receives their product.

We offered 3 packages each package containing 1 – website 2 – Domain 3 – products uploaded to your website 4 – self maintenance (we will updates your website with the top products on daily basic) 5 – LifeTime support The difference between each package is by the numbers of categories and products that you would like to show on your website. The more products you have the more money you can make.

We will process the order within an hour and we will ship it from the closer warehouse shipping time will take between 3- 5 days

All the returns are going back to our warehouses once we receive the return item we will refund your account and you can refund the customer.

Each item come with 90 days warranty

There is a one time fee to joing the drop ship program (check our 3 packages) and there is NO monthly fees you only pay for the item you want to order

The more you sell the more you can make this is why we recommend to upload as many products that you can, our 3rd package containing up to 100,000 products and we will upload and updates your shop with new arrival update pricing etc… the profit margin start at 40% and can go up to 85%

The profit margin starts at 40% and can go up to 85%

At the moment we only offered a big discount up to 85% on our hair Straighteners, fortnite and baby products. Let us know which one and the quantity and we will send a quote.

YES it is You dont need to buy anything before you sell